Prof. DR. IR. Heri Budi Wibowo, M.T.

20 July 2022, 14.30 – 16.30 WIB

The achievements of science and technology have a greater influence on the development of culture, which is now developing into increasingly complex forms. Technological developments and their extraordinary effects both negative and positive can change not only a nation, but humanity and the environment. Apart from that gloomy picture, which is clear based on the history of civilization, science and technology are used as a vehicle to reach an imaginary future, namely the imagination of a future society, which is then realized through the role of science and technology in it. Technology, thus, play a major role in realizing a community through technology products. Technology leaps require a longer time horizon for technology development and launch, since technological progress demands relatively high research and development effort. Indonesia as a society with a large civilization needs to develop a technology leap strategy. The technology innovation leap strategy, both from the point of view of resources and the point of view of science that supports the application of the creation of a technological leap.