Capt. Novyanto Widadi, S.AP, MM

02 November 2022, 15.00 – 17.00 WIB

In the 21st century, airports have evolved to become motors of business and urban development so that the Aerotropolis concept is inspired. The term aerotropolis was first proposed by Nicholas De Santis. Indonesia is an archipelagic country that must be connected by air bridges between regions, therefore the level of community meetings will occur at the airport. Aerotropolis offers an efficient concept in meeting people from each region by simply carrying out economic activities at the airport because the airport provides various kinds of facilities and infrastructure needs. The sectors that can be supported in the Aerotropolis are: the entertainment sector, the food and beverage sector, the meeting room business sector, the hotel and property sector, the logistics sector, the banking sector and others. Aerotopolis offers convenience for users of air transportation modes and grows the regional economic sector that has an airport. It is hoped that Indonesia, with an archipelagic country, has many sectors that can support Indonesia’s economic income, one of which is the economic cycle in the air transportation sector.