Prof. Mochamad Hariadi, S.T., M.SC., PH.D.

05 October 2022, 14.30 – 16.30 WIB

At any time citizens can feel threatened on their assets. Privacy and various confidential information can be easily destroyed by these cybercriminals, which if the escalation gets wider, it can create widespread unrest in the community. In a wider scope, the limitations of the state’s technological mastery and the absence of stricter regulations regarding cyber defense can seriously endanger the state. Other countries or groups with certain interests can easily enter the realm of our country’s vital infrastructure. The higher the dependence of a society on information technology, the higher the risks faced. Today all aspects of the economy, social and defense are so dependent on the internet. Banking activities, economic transactions, maintenance and use of transportation, control of weapons and social communication cannot be separated from these interconnections. Everyone gets the same opportunity and possibility around the world to enter it, so it is very possible for each individual to be able to tear apart the existing system so that they are able to break into and control the assets and defenses of other individuals and countries in a very easy way.