National Air and Space Power Center
of Indonesia


The National Air and Space Power Center of Indonesia (NASPCI) is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent research and study organization dedicated to developing solutions for the Indonesian Air Force, National Aviation and Space stakeholders and the Aerospace Community. NASPCI exists to help Indonesia aviation and space stakeholders improve the present and the future by using foresight and future methods to make better strategic choices about the future, to improve the quality of their innovation, make air and space organizations more resilient by better understanding and managing risk.

In accordance with the KSAU mandate regarding the acceleration of National air power strengthening needs to be realized immediately, because the threat in modern warfare, is no longer conventional a country, but can be an armed group or organization based on ideology or economy. Therefore, KSAU strongly supports the establishment of NASPCI (National Air and Space Power Center of Indonesia) which is a development of the APCI (Air Power Center of Indonesia) organization.

APCI was first formalized in 2007 and later evolved into NASPCI. The presence of NASPCI will be a counterpart for the TNI AU in terms of the assessment and control of air and space power which is very important for strengthening the role of the TNI AU in supporting the development of air power and space power in Indonesia.

NASPCI is present as a non-profit, nonpartisan, and independent research and study organization under the guidance of KSAU with reference to the annual work program plan will always provide input and policy advice in the development of air and space power in general to the government, especially to the TNI AU in accordance with the dynamics of defense and security in the modern war era.