Position : Program Manager 

Organization : Nasional Air and Space Power Center of Indonesia

Muhammad Fahri Arrafi Sanaba He have Bachelor of Aircraft Engineer in Indonesia Aviation Polytechnic. He obtained basic license for A1 (Airframe and Structure), A3 (Piston Engine ), and A4 ( Gas Turbine Engine)x. In 2021 his do on job training at PT. Mulya Sejahtera Technology, it has become one of aircraft maintenance service provider in Indonesia. In addition, his active in participating in organizations on campus in the fields of journalism and photography. In 2022 His continue training for A2 (rotary wing). On July, 2022 his joined National Air & Space Power Center of Indonesia (NASPCI) is a study organization dedicated to developing solutions for the Indonesian Air Force. His enjoy learning and trying new things,

Research Interest : Air & Space, Safety Management System, Aerospace Maintenance, Airpower, Space policy and AirSpace Traffic management.