VOL. 1

Dian Rusdiana Hakim

07 September 2022, 14.30 – 16.30 WIB

In the future decades of war is very closely related to the 5.0 concept carried out more complexly. Concept 5.0 is the concept of merging humans and technology in symbiosis with nature’s cover. The devastation offuture wars is complex and across a wide spectrum. Weapons of the future could form below the frequency of visible light propagated through the electromagnetic spectrum. in this spectrum is very closely related to the use of an Artificial Intelligence or commonly called as “AI Technology.” The AI Technology arms race is a race by global powers to develop and deploy lethal autonomous weapons systems, also known as “slaughterbots” or “killer robots.” It is a weapon system that uses an artificial intelligence to identify, select, and kill the targets without direct human intervention. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science, it seeks to understand the essence of science, and also
produces new types of intelligence machines that respond in a manner similar to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can imitate the information processing of human consciousness and thinking. The presence of AI is a double-edged sword, can help humans in completing human tasks and work, and is also considered a threat because it can replace human work.